• Wing Fest
    October 4, 2018
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

When: October 4th, 2018

Where: Ace Industries, 2782 Country Highway 11,  Pelham, Alabama 35124

1 Day Clinic | Time: 8:00 am | Seats Available: 50

Wing Fest is a new joint training venture presented by Ace Industries and Columbus McKinnon, targeted towards end users, providing an excellent opportunity to learn proper use, maintenance and inspection techniques on chain & rigging product, manual chain hoists and powered chain hoists. This 4 hour clinic will also demonstrate innovative Columbus McKinnon product used in material handling and motion control. The clinic will be followed by a  2 hour lunch & learn to give end users an opportunity to mingle with key Ace Industries & Columbus McKinnon personnel, ask questions & take a closer look at product. Since Columbus McKinnon is a Buffalo based company we thought it would be only be appropriate that a Chicken Wing lunch, provided by Buffalo Wild Wings, is served at this time. Additional sides and beverages will also be available.

AGENDA: Crane and Wire rope Hoist

  • Review inspection and removal from service criteria per ASME B30 standards.
  • Review components of a Wire Rope hoist and there functions
  • Operate an overhead crane through an obstacle course. Allows the operator to familiarize themselves with the various functions of the crane and hoist

AGENDA: Manual and Electric Hoist

  • Review safe use practices of manual chain hoist.
  • CM Hurricane 360 – Demonstrate the Hurricane 360’s hand wheel rotation compared to a standard hoist. Review Inspection and removal from service criteria per ASME B30 standards.  Demonstrate ease of maintenance and inspection.
  • Hurricane Trolley hoist – Demonstrate the ease of installation with the quick adjust trolley
  • CM Tornado – Demonstrate the Tornado’s sidewinder feature in comparison to a standard lever hoist. Review inspection and removal from service Criteria per ASME B30 for lever tools.
  • Demo of Loadstar VS – Demonstrate the quick interface for setting perimeters on the VFD. (Swift lift, speed adjustments, setting limits.) Explain the functions of the interface and ease of use in comparison to standard VFD programming.
  • Demo of Shopstar VS – Demonstrate the Ease of use and control an operator will have with the brushless DC Motor.
  • Demo of EC Turnover hoist – Demonstrate the Unique ability to rotate a load 180 degrees with a single hoist.

Products for Hands-On:

  • Hurricane 360 manual chain hoist
  • Hurricane 360 integral trolley hoist
  • Tornado 360 lever hoist
  • Loadstar VS variable speed electric chain hoist
  • Shopstar VS variable speed electric chain hoist
  • Coffing EC electric turnover hoist
  • Yale Global King electric wire rope hoist
  • Crane Obstacle course

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Wing Fest – A Joint End User Training Clinic Presented By Ace Industries & Columbus Mckinnon


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