Message from the President – November 2020

Times of Need

I’ve pretty much concluded there’s not much more one can say about how awful 2020 is that hasn’t been already been said/shouted/meme’d a billion times over.  Every idea I come up with about the new norm sounds clichéd at this point – including basic overuse of the term “new norm”, like I just did there.  Sorry about that.  This is the season for giving thanks, though, so there’s no better occasion than now to take inventory of those things we do still have going for us.  Our family and friends become ever more important to us in tough times.  And we to them.  However awful things have been, we still have those gifts for which to be thankful.  Consider, too, all the people we don’t really even know at all who could use more love and support in their times of need.  As safety advocates, our world is built around a professed mission of caring about the welfare of others.  In addition to our knowledge and skills, our values stand front and center.  It is the great gift we have to offer people at work, at home, within our sphere – and outside of it – and it’s never been more needed than now.  I hope that the fellowship of ASSP is part of your support system, as well.  Please join us for our November 20th Zoom Chapter meeting where we’ll feature a presentation on Human Performance by Stephanie Swindle (Southern Company).  We’re really looking forward to her message and we’ll have an invite coming your way soon.  Also, if you have shares for our meeting that I may add to the agenda for that day, please let me know.

Thank you for your gifts – to me and to so many others,

Matt Hollub, President

ASSP Alabama Chapter