Five Presidents In Same Room

During the October 6th, 2023 Tuscaloosa Section Meeting, five of our Chapter Presidents were in attendance.

From left to right are: Randy Easterling, Wayne Jackson, Matt Hollub, Paul Thurber, and our current president Tom Ten Eyck.

Auburn Student Chapter Visits RAPA

On the 20th of October 2023, members of the Auburn University Student ASSP Chapter visited RAPA in Auburn, AL for a tour of the facility.  RAPA is an automotive supplier supplying companies such as Audi, Tesla, and BMW.

On Friday October 20, 2023, RAPA, a well-known automotive supplier with a legacy spanning more than 100 years, warmly welcomed a group of Auburn students. Students from the Auburn ASSP Student Chapter were part of the visit. The tour began with a brief presentation, followed by a facility walk-through, ingeniously divided into two groups for a more personalized experience, and concluded with an engaging Q&A session. Leading the group tours were key figures in RAPA’s leadership, including Benjamin Jones, Jakob Haas, Johan Lux, and the esteemed CEO, Carmen Jordan, who actively participated in the presentation and Q&A sessions.

During the tour, we learned about RAPA’s intelligent valve technology, featuring impressive products including the Solenoid valve block for air supply systems. We also gained valuable insights into the seamless cultural exchange between RAPA’s U.S., Germany, and China work sites, where employees regularly travel to these locations, fostering collaboration and creating a truly interconnected work environment. The tour provided a comprehensive understand of RAPA’s work culture, management philosophy, and their unwavering commitment to customer-focused processes and operational.

WISE Member of the Month For Sept ’23

Suhas Bharadwaj was nominated and awarded the “Women in Safety Excellence (WISE) Member of the Month” by the WISE Awards and Honors Committee. Thanks for your support Suhas!

2023 PDC Pictures

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