President’s Message

Dear Members and Friends of ASSE,

A year has come and gone since I accepted the role of your chapter President . . . and what a year it has been. We are about to transition from ASSE to ASSP, with all the preparations that has entailed. I want to thank our Chapter Executive Committee for all the work they have done to make this transition happen.

An electronic vote on our updated Chapter by law was held in April. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of the changes with 86% voting “yes” for the update.

Immediate Past President Randy Easterling has chaired a nominating committee to recommend candidates for our third delegate to the House of Delegates. Tom Ten-Eyck from our Tuscaloosa Section has been nominated to fill the third delegate slot, with a membership vote held at our June Chapter meeting and the third Delegate will be installed in July, to start a one-year term of office.

Our new chapter website is up and running as of June 1. The address is the same as before, except “asse” is now “assp”. (htpps:// We have ordered a new ASSP table skirt and advertising sign to promote our organization.

Lots of good things are happening. As we begin our new Chapter year, I encourage you to be more involved in the continued growth and ever broadening reach that the Alabama Chapter is experiencing. We are continuing to add new meetings in Troy and other cities, looking at new student Section opportunities, partnering with other professional organizations and endeavoring to reach more safety professionals and companies. This requires more hands, heads and hearts committed to the cause. I invite you to discuss with your Section or Chapter leadership where your talents and passion for safety can be most impactful. I can personally testify that the more I am involved in our ASSP, the more value it brings to me.

I look forward to seeing you at a Chapter event, or maybe at the PDC in San Antonio next week.


Yours in Safety and Service,

 Wayne P. Jackson

Wayne P. Jackson, MSW, CEAP, CSP


Alabama Chapter ASSP

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