Who We Are

Alabama Chapter’s local Woman In Safety Excellence (WISE) Group seeks to connect ASSP Members and WISE Common Interest Group Members on a local level. ASSP’s Women in Safety Excellence (WISE) Common Interest Group advances ASSP members and the safety profession through education, mentorship, networking, collaboration, research, and innovation.

What We Do

Our diverse and engaged member community promotes the equity and advancement of women in the safety profession. We strive to influence industry to address current and future safety challenges affecting women in the workforce locally, nationally, and globally.

  • We offer education opportunities that members can immediately put into practice, as well as leadership opportunities to help our members develop to their fullest professional potential
  • With approximately 2,000 members at the national level, WISE provides a vast and supportive community for networking, collaboration, and change-making
  • Local, national, and virtual networking and collaboration opportunities abound. WISE brings members together to advocate on occupational safety and health (OSH) issues specific to women in the workplace

Why It Matters

The OSH industry and its leaders should be as diverse as all the different businesses and employees it serves. Workers are more likely to respond to safety initiatives that are spurred by people to whom they can relate and trust. Having a diverse group of safety professionals helps ensure this. Furthermore, many women have made great contributions to the safety profession, and we want to ensure that there is a place for more female-led initiatives in the future.

How Do I Join?

All Alabama WISE Events are open to all members. Joining the ASSP WISE Common Interest Group is as simple as checking the box during your annual ASSP membership registration, that you would like to be a part of the WISE Common Interest Group.

Local Leader

Allison Short, CSP, CIT, Alabama ChapterWlSE Liaison, 2022-2023