Emergency Preparedness Month – Sept 3

2. Make a Plan

An emergency plan can help you reach loved ones when normal communication methods are not working or are inaccessible.  Most importantly, it may help you stay safe in a disaster and give you peace of mind.  Consider making plans for evacuation, communication, and to protect critical documents and your property.

1. Create a Family Emergency Communication Plan – Know how to contact and meet family members before, during, or after a disaster.  I have attached two sample plans. (See below) The first step is to collect all contact information from your family and add it to the communication plan.  You should set an out-of-town point of contact, which enables everyone in your family to share updates through that person if local communication is unavailable.  Be sure to have at least two forms of contact for that person.

Have a safe weekend everyone,

Tina Arthur, CHMM

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