Message from the President February 2022


    How does it feel to be in the second month of this year already? Time sure does fly when we’re having fun, right!? Hopefully, everyone has completed their 2021 reporting and posting requirements. While I’m thinking about it, let’s remember to briefly talk about that during our upcoming meeting on the 18th. We’ll have an official speaker as well, but we’ll talk recordkeeping and reporting for a networking opportunity later in the meeting.

   Our friend and fellow member Justin Shephard has graciously offered to become our program manager (for lack of official title) for this year. We believe it’s imperative to offer a quality and planned topic and presenter list for our membership. We’ll be looking forward to those recommendations for topics and speakers in the coming days. A special thanks to Justin for stepping up to help us out with this valuable service.

   As always, thanks for everyone’s continued support of the ASSP. It’s kind of like church, we get out proportionately what we put into it and I’m talking participation wise primarily. Please plan to attend on the 18th if your schedules will allow it. Thanks for notes and leads concerning my presentation last month as well. Several of you had/have good questions and comments and I trust everyone found the information helpful and informative. Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to share.

   As for my challenge this month, it’s February and it’s time to begin editing the goals we established for this year. We’re half-way through the first quarter and it’s always a good place to check-up. Self-checks are a vital part of our professional (personal and spiritual) health. As we go about our personal routines, let’s not forget to check on our fellows. Let’s be each other’s keepers – that means we’ll ask questions AND we’ll listen to the responses. I know we’re all busy, but let’s not forget that we “WORK TO LIVE not LIVE TO WORK”. Have a great month. I’ll look forward to seeing all of you next week on our call.  

   Until our next – call, text, or email me if I can ever be of assistance. Take care and please stay well.

 – Paul Paul Thurber
President – ASSP Alabama Chapter