Message from the President July 2022

Good Morning – Good Afternoon – Good Evening!

I trust everyone is having a safe summer. For whatever reason, it seems like there is a lot going on. Regardless of the industry and or company – everyone is busy. Sure, some exceptions may apply, but busy feels like the new norm. Let’s make certain to take/make the time needed to self-check. Are we taking care of ourselves in a manner that supports our personal and professional health? We’ll talk more about this later down the road, but for today, reach out to others when you find yourself in need. We’re a T-E-A-M and we know that Together Everyone Achieves More.

By the way, let’s not confuse “busy” with productive. We need to make certain we’re still making and meeting our goals along the way.

Our July meeting is later this week and it seems like we just met for June. Time sure is flying these days – we must be having fun. We will be meeting on Friday the 15th at our normal time and location. (AGC Building at 5000 Grantswood Road, Irondale) We will be discussing HEAT and hearing from our UA SafeState team regarding heat injury prevention and new wearable technologies.

Let’s come together if our schedules permit. I know it’s easier and somewhat more convenient to dial in, but the ASSP is about networking in addition to education. Please RSVP if you haven’t already. I look forward to seeing all of you on Friday. Until our next – call, text, or email me if I can ever be of assistance. Take care and please stay well.

 – Paul

Paul Thurber
President – ASSP Alabama Chapter