Message from the President May 2022


    I trust this letter finds everyone doing well, staying healthy and successful. I know a lot measure success differently; however, as a safety family I believe we all value safety, both on and off the job similarly. With that said, I hope this letter finds you safe for all the right reasons.  

   Since our last meeting, we’ve experienced a lot of change. I guess change is becoming more and more of our constant. How’s that for irony?  Seriously though, we really have become more AWARE as a result of the pandemic. Awareness, as a whole, has always played a big part in our safety efforts, but it seems like everyone is simply more aware these days. As I travel, I see people paying more attention to the news in lobbies, restaurants, and such. In fact, I overheard a group of young people exiting the hotel yesterday reminding each other to “be safe” as they were heading out. Two little words that drive countless requirements and actions. I love to hear them spoken!

   Our May meeting is fast approaching, and I hope everyone is able to join us live and in person. It would be great to get back to thirty or forty on a given month. Please try to make it in person if you’re able. Our speaker this month is Randall Arms. For the last 15 years, Randall has dedicated his career to safety. He spent his first 8 years in the safety distribution industry providing product solutions to clients, and educating the latest updates with standard organizations such as ANSI, NIOSH, etc.  He also had the opportunity to spend time as an EHS professional managing EHS programs at companies such as Bridgestone, Dal-tile and Gibson Guitar.  Randall understands that safety is more than a standard or legislation – it’s how people think, behave, and react. Today, Randall is the regional sales manager for Blackline Safety where he promotes connected safety devices that focus on lone worker and gas detection solutions.

   As for our challenge this month, it’s May and it’s getting hot out there already. What are we doing to prepare ourselves and our teams for the heat? Let’s make this a conversation during our next meeting. Let’s bring those best practices together as a share. I’ll start the conversation and count on everyone to share a bit.

   As we go about our personal routines, let’s not forget to check on others. Truth be told, none of us can go it alone. Sure, we may think we can, but I’d disagree. Let’s be each other’s keepers – that means we’ll ask questions AND we’ll listen to the responses.

   I look forward to seeing all of you on the 20th. Until our next – call, text, or email me if I can ever be of assistance. Take care and please stay well.

 – Paul

Paul Thurber
President – ASSP Alabama Chapter